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Advanced Rejuvenating Complex (ARC)™

Incorporating the latest science, ARC™ offers the phenomenal benefits of glucosamine, which together with other key ingredients provide you with all that your joints need to maintain an active lifestyle.  ARC™ also provides nutritional support for your skin, hair and nails.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to kneel or bend without discomfort or pain? As our busy lifestyles take their toll on our bodies one of the first things we notice is a decreased amount of joint function. With 4Life™'s revolutionary Advanced Rejuvenating Complex™ (ARC™) you can stop the clock and enjoy enhanced joint function while improving the beauty of your skin, hair and nails. ARC™ provides your body with essential nutrients known to enhance and support joint health. These nutrients can also nourish your skin, hair and nails and promote healthy connective tissue beneath the skin to make the skin appear softer and feel smoother. Try ARC™ today and see the amazing results for yourself!

Purchase Advanced Rejuvenating Complex (ARC)-60ct/bottle(s) $27.50

 tf Age Defying Effects is a complete system formulated to cleanse, protect and renew the healthy, radiant skin you were born with.  Utilizing a patented sustained release system called NutriSomes™, 'microbursts' of Transfer Factor XF™ are delivered into your skin promoting the formation of young healthy skin with renewed clarity, improved texture and a fresher look...more>>

Tea 4Life™

Our delicious cleansing teas are especially formulated to ensure internal health and balance.* Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract is very important. This cleansing process helps our bodies break down and utilize our foods more efficiently, helps improve nutrient absorption, and helps bring our bodies into balance. Try Tea 4Life™ today and you'll notice the difference--more energy, weight-loss, and a stronger immune system.*

Purchase Tea 4Life(s) - 30 bags - $17.00

Transfer Factor™

Transfer factor, found in colostrum, is an "immunity cocktail" which provides data from the mother's own immune system to her baby, transferring valuable immunity information to be used by the new
life in fighting infection and disease. By transferring information from cell to cell, transfer factors serve as "teachers" of new cells, ensuring a strong immune system capable of withstanding our often harsh environment.* Transfer factors can be extracted from a mammalian source and manufactured as a supplement for humans. Transfer Factor™ by 4Life™ is extracted from the same source for most of our milk—cows.

Purchase Transfer Factor(s) - 90 ct/bottle - $43.00

Transfer Factor Plus™

A is scientifically advanced immune system support.* It is a combination of ingredients that will give your immune system the tools to respond quickly and the knowledge to broaden its protective shield.*

Purchase Transfer Factor Plus(s) -  60ct/bottle -

Transfer Factor Kids™

Is the most advanced health supplement ever developed for children. TF Kids™ contains 150 mg of Transfer Factor XF™, a powerful immune system activating ingredient, as well as 22 essential vitamins and minerals. TF Kids™ is especially formulated with your kid in mind-great tasting, all-natural, berry flavored tablet, fun animal shapes-and the nutrition they need to help ensure proper growth, development and health.

Purchase TF Kids Multi-vitamin(s) 90 ct/bottle - $40.00

Fibro AMJ Day-Time Formula™

Fibro AMJ™ Day-Time Formula is the most scientifically advanced and complete formula ever developed in the fight against fibromyalgia and arthritis.* This formula contains powerful metabolites and herbal extracts that help in tissue and joint repair1, energy production2, and pain reduction.3 *

Purchase Fibro AMJ Day-Time Formula - 90 ct/bottle(s) - $26.00

Fibro AMJ Night-Time Formula™

Fibro AMJ™ Night-Time Formula is a revolutionary product that works in conjunction with the Fibro AMJ™ Day-Time Formula in the fight against fibromyalgia and arthritis.* This product is specially formulated to help restore normal sleep patterns while supplying your body with important nutrients that aid in tissue health.*

Purchase Fibro AMJ Night-Time Formula - 90 ct/bottle(s) - $26.00

Purchase Fibro AMJ System 1 Day-time Formula 90 ct/bottle(s) , 1 Night-time Formula - 30 ct/bottle(s) - $42.00


FemRite ™ 


FemRite formerly FemPro™Is a unique female balancing creme that contains a rich blend of natural progesterone (from soy) and wild yam. It is applied to and absorbed into the skin where it takes effect quickly and easily, helping your body reach perfect harmony. Use FemPro™ to help your body optimum system balance and greater health and wellness.

Purchase FemRite Feminine Balancing Creme - 2 oz Tube(s) - $23.00


Our proprietary formula helps achieve and maintain efficient weight management, increase energy and keep hormones in balance.* MalePro™ also provides superior prostate care, with several essential herbs that can help support a healthy prostate.* Take MalePro™ everyday to feel your absolute best! (For best results, take MalePro™ a half hour before exercising.)

Purchase MalePro Advanced Nutrition for Men - 30 ct/bottle(s) - $23.00


BioVitaMins  Contain highly BIO-ACTIVE and BIO-AVAILABLE ingredients to ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. BioVitaMins are encapsulated to ensure that each of the nutrients are easily digested and absorbed. And for highest absorption, take BioVitaMins™ with food and water. Take BioVitaMins™ every day to maintain good health and to look and feel your best!

Purchase BioVitaMins Type I - 90 ct/bottle(s) - $35.00

Purchase  BioVitaMins Type II - 90 ct/bottle(s)
- $35.00

Purchase  BioVitaMins Type III - 90 ct/bottle(s) - $35.00

TF RenewAll™

Cell Renewing Gel Superior Immune Support for Your Skin.  

TF RenewAll™ is a revolutionary skin renewing therapy specifically formulated to keep skin healthy and soft. This advanced cell renewing formula is especially helpful for problem skin conditions, after shaving, cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, bug bites, rashes and minor irritations.  TF RenewAll™ helps soothe and heal your skin while activating the skin's own immune response, thanks to powerful immune system support ingredients like Transfer Factor XF™, Yeast Polysaccharides and Aloe vera.  First Immune Defense Being the largest immune organ in the body, the skin serves as the first line of defense against the millions of invading germs that threaten our health and well-being. It provides a tough barrier that can be compromised by cuts, abrasions, and other conditions.

Purchase TF RenewAll Cell Renewing Gel - 2 oz Tube(s) - $23.00

Men Formula

Rite-Start Men
Like the foundation of a house, this all-in-one men's pack provides the base from which to build a life of better health. Specifically designed with men's health in mind, RiteStart Men is far more than a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It features a proprietary Men's Health Blend that has been exclusively developed for the male body and its needs. This proprietary blend along with Transfer Factor Plus, essential fatty acids, full-spectrum antioxidant power AND anti-aging nutrients make RiteStart the best, most unique wellness product available. Whether old or young, RiteStart is the answer to men's nutritional needs.

Purchase RiteStart Men Formula - 60 packet/box(s) - $115.00

Women Formula

Rite-Start Women
Like the foundation of a house, this all-in-one women's pack provides the base from which to build a life of better health. Specifically designed with women's health in mind, RiteStart Women is far more than a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It features a proprietary Women's Health Blend that has been exclusively developed for the female body and its needs. This proprietary blend along with Transfer Factor Plus, essential fatty acids, full-spectrum antioxidant power AND anti-aging nutrients make RiteStart the best, most unique wellness product available. Whether old or young, RiteStart is the answer to women's nutritional needs.

Purchase  RiteStart Women Formula - 60 packet/box(s) -

BioGenistein Plus™

BioGenistein Plus™ is a new and unique nutritional supplement designed to help us keep our bodies in hormonal balance.*

BioGenistein Plus™ contains soy-isoflavones, genistein, fenugreek, licorice, dong quai and black cohosh. These natural phytoestrogens are food compounds that have helped men and women for centuries maintain sexual organ health through good hormone balance. A phytoestrogen is a plant-produced compound that has properties similar to estrogen. Dietary indoles, such as indole-3carbinol and sulforaphane, are the active components in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. These phytochemicals, also included in the BioGenistein Plus™ formula, have been shown to control excessive amounts of "bad" estrogen in the body.*

Purchase BioGenistein Plus - 30 ct/bottle(s) - $27.00


BioEFA™ with CLA is formulated with evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, and CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. Evening primrose oil and flaxseed are excellent sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are crucial to the maintenance and support of our bodies, but since our bodies don't produce them, the only source of essential fatty acids are through the foods we eat, usually fish and oils. It can be difficult to get enough of our fatty acids, especially with today's healthful low-fat diet.

Purchase  BioEFA with CLA -  60 ct/bottle(s) - $23.00  

Choice 50™

4Life™’s  Choice 50™ contain pure, premium grade, grape seed extract of the highest quality. This extract is guaranteed to contain at least 95% OPC’s, the industry standard for comparing proanthocyanidin extracts.  In addition to standardize grape seed extract, Choice 20™ and Choice 50™ contain other powerful antioxidants and synergistic ingredients that help protect the body from the effects of free radicals.

Purchase Choice 50 Antioxidant Protection - 60 ct/bottle - $32.00

Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics™

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics with EnzyGuard-D™ blends important digestive enzymes with probiotics (good bacteria) to give your body the necessary tools to digest and process your food, promote a healthy balance of bacteria, and protect your body against harmful invading microorganisms.  EnzyGuard-D™, a proprietary, cutting edge technology developed by and available only through 4Life™, helps stabilize these enzymes and probiotics to provide a longer shelf life and more activity once inside your body.

Purchase Digestive Enzymes & Probiotic w/EnzyGuard-D  90 ct/bottle - $35.00 

TF Immune Spray

TF Immune Spray features two very exciting immune ingredients, our very own Transfer Factor XFª and colloidal silver. This great tasting formula combines the anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver with the immune power of Transfer Factor XF.

Available as an easy to dispense, orange flavored throat spray, TF Immune Spray contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. This is an excellent product to add to your arsenal of immune boosting products. Because TF Immune Spray is delivered through the mouth, it directly affects the mucousal tissues, helping an immune response to an area that is under constant attack of microbial threats!

Ingredients: Transfer Factor XF™, Colloidal silver solution (10ppm), natural orange flavor and vegetable glycerin.

Purchase TF Immune Spray™ - 1oz bottle(s) - $23.00 

Transfer Factor Plus Feline & Canine Complete™

Transfer Factor Canine and Feline Complete™are the most advanced immune support supplements ever formulated for dogs and cats. These high-quality Human Grade ingredients provide triple strength protection with Transfer Factor XF™, ThyRx™, and Cordyvant™. This powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients works together to activate and enhance the immune system's ability to respond to the many pathogens your pet comes in contact with. In many ways, our pets face even more health challenges than we do, because they come in contact with a less clean environment than humans, and are therefore more susceptible to many other pathogens. Because of this, it is much more important to provide them with the immune support and nutritional needs that keep them healthy and happy.
Purchase Transfer Factor Feline Complete 60 - 2g servings - $40.95


Purchase Transfer Factor Plus Canine Complete   60 - 7.7 g 
- $50.95

TF Feline Complete
60 - 2 g servings

Price: $40.95
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