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  1. Why is 4Life the right company ... ?
  2. Why is this a great product ... ?
  3. What are the benefits of becoming a distributor ... ?
  4. Why is this a good time to become a distributor ... ?
  5. I'm interested.  How do I get started ... ?

4Life is the right company due to:

  • 10 year track record of success.
  • Products that consumers love.
  • Products that deliver results.
  • Products that are reasonably priced.
  • Products with a money-back guarantee.
  • Cutting edge new product development.
  • Low start-up costs.
  • Extremely low risk.
  • A generous compensation plan.
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4Life's great products are:

  • Designed to be the most effective products available anywhere, at any price.
  • Formulated scientifically by 4Life's Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Developed to work together synergistically and target specific body systems.
  • Positioned for ease of use and understanding through 4Life's Total Body System approach to better health.
  • Manufactured in an USDA approved and FDA compliant state-of-the-art facility.
  • Quality assured through 4Life's 4P approach: Procurement, Proprietary, Potency and Purity.
  • Guaranteed for results and satisfaction or your money-back.
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The benefits of becoming a distributor includes:

  • 4Life Program pays out Fast Cash on a daily basis.
  • AutoShip Program where distributors receive pre-selected products each and every month.
  • Annual Incentive Trip to fabulous vacation get away destinations.
  • Semi annual conventions and training schools, including product introductions.
  • Electronic Assistant tool available through the use of a toll free #. Provides the ability to access voicemail, bonus volume, fax on demand for company, genealogy reports, and other business information.
  • SUMMIT magazine. This monthly publication is packed with timely distributor recognition and announcements from the corporate office.
  • Unparalleled recognition program that rewards distributors for outstanding performance and accomplishments.
  • Monthly product conference calls.
  • Product of the month specials and holiday specials.
  • Rewards you and your sponsored distributors for purchasing products.
  • Great tools and incentives to help you and your successline achieve success.
  • Plan pays up to 25% on personal purchases and up to 20% on non-breakaway downline purchases.
  • Plan pays a total of 30% on breakaway volume up to 6 levels deep for the entire width of your organization. Volume pay out beyond those 6 levels is available via infinity rollup.
  • All volume in successline is applied to Distributorship Organization Volume (OV) required to earn top dollars and great incentives.
  • Maintains your ability to earn commissions with low monthly qualifications.
  • Commission checks paid monthly (on the 20th) on the previous months' activity.
  • When sponsoring new distributors you may place them on your first level or within your successline. Your Business - Your Choice.
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This a good time to become a distributor because:

  • Over 40 million people run businesses from their homes and that number is expected to double in the next 5-10 years.
  • Sales through the direct selling method exceeded $23 billion in 1998 and continue to increase yearly.
  • "In a recent Wirthlin Worldwide survey of 665 working Americans, over one-third (36%) say that within the past three years their company has been through some kind of re-engineering, downsizing, or restructuring which resulted in some employees losing their jobs." Source: American Demographics, April 1999
  • In 1997, a large networking company conducted the "Your American Dream" Survey in cooperation with Newsweek magazine and the analysts at Roper Starch Worldwide-- and found the following results.

    Based on their findings, the networking company concluded that the "get ahead at any expense" attitude of the Eighties has fallen to the wayside in American culture. Instead, people want to help others, spend time with their families and live how they see fit."

    Ninety-four percent of those surveyed ranked "freedom of choice in how to live my life" as the highest key to the American Dream-- followed by "a good family life," owning a home and having a rewarding career.

    In an interesting sign-of-the-times response, two-thirds of those surveyed said they would "opt for a job that allows much time for family and leisure, but a low salary rather than a job that provides a high salary, but little time for family or leisure."

    Source: Newsweek, 1998; Upline, 1999 

  • "Sixty-seven percent of Baby Boomers worry about their financial future, and 68% say they haven't spent enough time planning for retirement. No doubt, many will find themselves reaching retirement with little or no savings, and millions will be surprised to discover how meager their resources are."

    Source: American Demographics, August 1998 

  • "Right now there is a movement in the medical field that will be an important ally in your business development. We used to believe that supplements were only necessary when there was an insufficient diet. If you didn't eat a balanced diet your doctor might recommend a multi-vitamin. However, if you ate well the doctor would tell you multi-vitamins were unnecessary, only resulting in expensive urine. Thus vitamin supplements were generally designed to provide the minimum amount necessary to prevent overt vitamin deficiencies."

    "Today we know there are a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential for long-term health and disease prevention and are nearly impossible to get in sufficient quantities with even the most balanced diets. The science in these areas is irrefutable. So now, more than ever before, you suddenly have physicians, the people most trusted in the health arena, recommending that everyone take daily supplements…"

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