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Congratulations to Sonia Thomas winner
of last month's contest!

Cleanse your Digestive System Today


Prize #1 - Fibre System Plus (1 yr supply) 


Delicious Cleansing Apple-Cinnamon Tea

Prize #2
- Tea 4Life (60 day supply) 

Prize #3 - Rezoom Tonic (30 day supply) 




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You may enter once per day. 
The questions will change throughout the month,
 so pay attention!

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Question 1 Shape-Fast EFX consist of ___ types.

Answer 1

Question 2 How many levels are there in the 4Life compensation plan?

Answer 2

Question 3 State the question and answer to Cutie's #5 tip for weight loss?

Answer 3

Question 4 Complete this statement.  The Body Wrap Solution is composed of_________________.

Answer 4