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The Body Wrap
ose 2-10 Inches in an Hour!

The Body Wrap solution is composed of natural botanicals and minerals. As the wrap works, these herbs and nutrients penetrate the skin to assist the body in releasing stored toxins resulting in the loss of inches and body reshaping.

The Body Wrap is done in the privacy of your own home. It is SIMPLE, SAFE, and NATURAL.  This process is achieved by spritzing the Pre-Wrap Accelerator, applying the Contouring Gellee, firmly wrapping the targeted areas of the body in cellophane for 60 minutes, and following with the Post Wrap Energizer spray.

It is very important to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water for three days after your wrap to aid your body in the detoxification process.

What will the Body Wrap do for Cellulite?

Early results most commonly reported are the reduction of cellulite dimples and ripples within the first few wraps. Results may be seen from the very first wrap.

What will I lose in the Body Wrap?

We don't know what each individual will lose because every body is different.  Results may vary according to body composition and size.  Maintenance of inch loss depends largely on maintaining body weight and maintenance wraps on a regular basis.

How much weight will I lose?

The Body Wrap is designed to take off inches rather than pounds.  It is recommended to accompany the wraps with a weight loss program for best overall results.

How many wraps will I need?

That depends on several things: how many inches you want to lose, the number of inches lost per wrap, how much loose skin you have, how active you are in your wrap (it is recommended to do light aerobic activity while in the wrap), and your commitment to a weight loss program.  To maximize your loss, you should wrap up to 3 times per week for the first several weeks until your skin is tight, you have no visible cellulite, and look great in and out of your clothes.

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Take a warm shower before you wrap to cleanse the skin of lotions or oils.
Try to avoid a heavy meal before you wrap, a light snack is fine.
Use the restroom prior to wrap. (You will be wrapped 60 minutes or more).
Record your measurements BEFORE and AFTER your wrap on the measurement chart.
Each measurement and it's location should be carefully noted and marked with a small permanent marker above and below the tape measure for an exact location when re-measuring.
Spray Pre-Wrap Accelerator to skin and gently rub in.
Apply Contouring Gellee, rubbing in an upward motion.
Wrap cellophane, polyeurathane, or Saran plastic wrap (beginning at your ankles and working up).
Apply cellophane tightly to body, twisting cellophane, if needed, to achieve a secure wrap.
Put on sauna suit, sweat, tight fitting exercise clothing or wrap in Ace Bandages to keep in body heat.
You can do some light aerobic exercise, if you desire, or you may sit back and relax for 60 minutes.
Unwrap yourself, pat dry with a clean towel and re-measure in the exact areas as before. Record the results on your measurement chart and total inches.
Spray Post Wrap Energizer to skin and gently rub in.
Do not take a hot shower for at least 48 hours. A cool shower is fine.
Drink at least  6 to 8 glasses of water for the next three days.  This will aid in the detoxification process.
Do not drink alcohol the day of or for at least three days after your wrap.


  Treatment Date   Treatment Date   Treatment Date  
Measurement Before After Result Before After Result Before After Result
Upper Waist                  
Natural Waist                  
Lower Waist                  
Upper Hip                  
Lower Hip                  
L Upper Hip                  
L Mid Thigh                  
L Lower Thigh                  
L Bicep                  
R Upper Thigh                  
R Mid Thigh                  
R Lower Thigh                  
R Bicep                  
    Total Loss   Total Loss   Total Loss
Begin measuring at the "Natural Waist". Measure 3" upward for the "Upper Waist" and another 3" for "Midriff" measurements.  Follow the 3" rule and work downward for "Lower Waist", "Upper Hip" and "Lower Hip" measurements. For most accurate results, follow the 3" rule each time you wrap.
The "Bicep" measurement should be taken mid-way between the shoulder and the elbow. For the legs, begin measuring at the largest point for the "Upper Thigh", midway between this point and the knee is "Mid Thigh" and 1" above the knee for "Lower Thigh".

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