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Dr. Calvin McCausland

4Life Research™ and Transfer Factor™ attracts "Top Doc"

Orem, UT  4Life Research™ announced that Dr. Calvin McCausland will join the 4Life team.  Dr. McCauslin is recognized world wide as one of the top natural product formulators.  He will rejoin his past partners and friends; Dr. William Hennen and 4Life's CEO David Lisonbee.  Dr. McCausland is the first American to receive a membership and the title of Academician in the Russian Federation Academy of Medical Technical Sciences - the highest degree of scientific achievement recognized in Russia.  This position is considered the equivalent of Knighthood in England.  Dr. McCausland says; "I'm so very impressed with all the clinical studies done on Transfer Factor."

4tf Continues to Grow -  For our rapidly expanding Latino group, and under the direction of Edgar Mojica, we have just uploaded a new All-Spanish web site:  The only part of the site that is in English, is the 'Doctores' link to the clinical studies information. 

Dr. Herminio Nevarez of Puerto Rico
becomes Presidential Diamond.  Our congratulations to Dr. Nevarez as he achieves the rank of Presidential Diamond.  He has one of the fastest growing organizations in the company.

4Life National Convention a big hit. 
Over 500 excited distributors attended the second 4Life convention in Salt Lake City.  4life released three new Transfer Factor™ products.  TF Kids™, TF RenewAll™ -  for topical use, and TF Pets™ for your four-legged family friends.  We'll get all the information on the new products up on our web site ASAP.  Stay tuned.

$1,000,000 Month. This past January, 4Life Research had it's first million-dollar month. It appears that a lot of distributors are serious about Taking Transfer Factor to the World. 

More breaking news....
  As of February 1, 2000, we are officially open in New Zealand.  Now Australia is getting ready to open.  The first of May brings 4Life an office building in New Zealand that will run operations for New Zealand and now Australia.   It's time to shake the bushes to remember who you know "down under". 

Latin American Group Sees Serious Growth.
  Mariano Vega and Alain Lopez from Orlando, and Carlos Santana from Southern California are building great organizations in our Hispanic communities.  They are all professional Networkers who know how to build,  and realize the power and demand of our Transfer Factor™ products.

4tf Team Now in Puerto Rico.  Thanks to the talent of Edgar Mojica of Florida, our 4tf team now has representation in Puerto Rico.  José Rodríguez and Juan Ramon of Puerto Rico will build an organization of distributors to introduce Transfer Factor™ to Puerto Rico and beyond. Good job Edgar, José, and Juan.  Spanish order line in Puerto Rico: 888 795-0254. 

Dr. Herminio Nevarez of Puerto Rico Joins 4Life.  Once again Edgar Mojica of Orlando strikes double-gold when he sponsored Dr. Herminio Nevarez of Puerto Rico into 4Life Research.  Dr. Nevarez is a well-known doctor and a professional Networker.  Edgar also brings us Carlos Santana of Southern California, who in turn brings us Dr. Pelayo.  Welcome Dr. Nevarez, Dr. Pelayo, and a good friend Carlos Santana. Once again, great job Señor Mojica.

Carlos Santana finds a 'diamond'.   Ricardo Garcia Pelayo, M.D. is now part of our 4tf group. Doctor Pelayo brings years of experience as a medical doctor.  He also has studied medicine in China, Germany and Mexico.  As a professional network marketer, he has developed powerful organizations in Latin America.  Let's welcome Dr. Pelayo. Good job Carlos!

4Life ResearchTM  & BeNaturallyFit

"Training and Product Presentation
and Body Wrap Demo Meetings" 

Mark your calendars with the latest schedule of Spring City Meetings from 4Life!  2003 promises to be the best year yet—make sure you attend a meeting and stay on top of all the latest information. 

Meetings being held this week:

Friday, February 28—El Paso, Texas

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Location: Radisson Suite Inn El Paso Airport

Host: Carmou Molarski, Presidential Diamond

Saturday, March 1—Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: Holiday Inn Express

Host: Carmou Molarski, Presidential Diamond

Visit our website for additional details at

Encourage your success line to attend at least one of these meetings and bring new and prospective distributors.  If you have any questions regarding these scheduled meetings,
 please call

Ms. Cutie Jackson at 1.877.593.5408

These meetings will also be on the 4Life meeting
 schedule as a reminder.


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