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1. Note From the Editor 
2. Featured Article - Transfer Factor - The "Cure All" Supplement
3. Weight Loss & Exercise Tips
4. FAQs
5. Distributors Corner


1. Note From the Editor

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If you experience stress at work, school or home, ReZoom®’s essential nutrients and herbs help maintain the
body’s energy level and support the nervous and digestive systems. ReZoom® aids metabolic balance and can
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2. Featured Article

Transfer Factor - The "Cure All" Supplement

Along with the 21st Century has come a great number of technological
advances, many of which have significantly furthered the abilities and even
the health of mankind. One leading advancement, stemming from a dis-
covery of more than 50 years ago, stands out in the field of immunology
as a supplement that increases immune system function by up to 103
percent, or twice as much as any other natural product previously tested.
That supplement is 4Life Transfer Factor.

4Life Transfer Factor is a unique and highly effective supplement formulated
to support and improve immune system function. The technology behind the
product is based upon the ability to pass on immunity strength from a donor to a recipient. It is composed of
special messenger molecules, known as transfer factors, which convey critical information within an individual's
immune system. Leading scientists and physicians from around the world have established the safety and re-
markable immune system benefits of transfer factors. An estimated 40 million dollars has been spent on
transfer factor research, resulting in over 3,000 scientific papers documenting their benefits.

4Life believes in the strength of the immune system as being a key element to the foundation of overall health
and wellness. With our entire family of Transfer Factor and Targeted Transfer Factor products, we offer an
effective, scientifically-advanced answer to fortifying this system, which in turn strengthens and supports
other systems throughout the body, and helps you achieve superior health, longevity and vitality.


3. Weight Loss  & Exercise Tips


Besides providing a number of health benefits, cardiovascular exercise burns off excess calories. For example,
every mile you run or walk burns up to 100 calories, the equivalent of one banana, half an energy bar, or one
slice whole grain bread with a tablespoon of jam.

When it comes to exercise and fat loss, any exercise will do, as long as you do it! Low-intensity exercises are
easier to do, especially as you start a fitness program. And as you become more fit, you can boost the
intensity for greater calorie burning per minute. Here are some tips:

• Chose an activity that you enjoy. The more different types of activities you perform, the better your fitness
conditioning. More important, the better your motivation to stick with it.
• Aim for 20 to 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week.
• When crunched for time, break it up. You can break your exercise time into smaller chunks, for example,
three sessions of 10 minutes.

Chose from the following cardio moves:

  • Aerobic dance classes

  • Basketball

  • Chasing your dog or kids

  • Cycling

  • Dancing

  • Golf (without a cart)

  • Hiking

  • Kick boxing

  • Running

  • Skiing (or snowboarding)

  • Spinning

  • Vigorous yoga (such as Bikram)

  • Walking

  • Water aerobics

  • Swimming

  • Soccer

  • Stair climbing


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4. FAQ 


Transfer Factor - Part 1

1. What are transfer factors?
Transfer factors are a highly effective immune messaging system made up of small peptide chains consisting
of 44 amino acids. They are designed by nature to transfer critical immune information.

2. How were transfer factors discovered?
In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered a revolutionary substance. He determined that an improved
immune response could be transferred from an individual who has recovered from a specific illness to a
recipient who has not experienced that illness. He referred to this substance as transfer factors.

3. What is colostrum?
Colostrum is the first “milk” that a mother produces immediately after giving birth.

4. What prompted scientists to look for transfer factors in colostrum?
Through observation, it was noticed that when calves were not allowed to nurse, they often died within a
short time--in spite of an abundance of food. Infection by common organisms was generally the cause.
Research established that the mother was providing transfer factors to the offspring.

5. What are advantages of using cow colostrum as a source for 4Life’s Transfer Factor XF™?
Transfer factors are not species specific, meaning they can transfer immunity to humans even if the
original source is from a different species. Cattle have heroic immune systems, which allow them to
survive in highly unsanitary conditions. These heroic immune systems produce potent forms of transfer

6. How do transfer factors work?
Transfer factors are made up of three separate fractions that balance the immune system for a more
effective immune response. The three fractions are the INDUCER, ANTIGEN SPECIFIC and
SUPPRESSOR fractions. The inducer fraction provides a basic training to get the immune system
into shape. The antigen specific fraction functions like a set of “wanted” posters that help identify
critical features of the infectious enemy. Finally, the suppressor fraction is able to recognize the
enemy's defeat and then calm the immune system back to a normal level.

Unlike most immune supplements that only provide building blocks for proper immune function, transfer
factors also provide immune intelligence. It is the immune information and education that helps to focus
 the immune system, keeping it on task and effective.

7. Can persons who have milk allergies use Transfer Factor XF?
Yes. Transfer factors themselves are non-allergenic. Common allergens such as immunoglobulins and
casein are removed from Transfer Factor products.

8. Can persons who are lactose intolerant use Transfer Factor XF?
Yes! Lactose intolerant persons can consume up to three grams of lactose without difficulty due to
colonic bacterial digestion. The amount of residual lactose is well below these sensitivity limits.

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5. Distributors Corner

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