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1. Note From the Editor 
2. Featured Article - Nutrition (part 1 of 3)
3. Weight Loss & Exercise Tips


1. Note From the Editor
A balance in nutrition is essential for a healthy diet. There are six main parts to a human diet: Proteins, 
Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. All nutrients are inter-dependent on each other 
and therefore must all be present for a body to function well. This issue features the first of a three part series 
on the topic of balancing nutrition for a health diet.  Enjoy and don't forget to come back next month!

Have a great month!

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    2. Featured Article

    Nutrition...(part 1 of 3)


    Protein is very important to your body as it helps the growth and maintenance of all body tissue. It is a source
    for building material for muscle, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. As you can see, protein is very
    important to the human body. Protein is broken down into "amino acids" during digestion. All amino acids are
    stored in the body and are used whenever needed for tissue growth or repair.

    Protein in foods that have all essential amino acids is called "Complete Protein" and protein in foods that do
    not have all essential amino acids is called "Incomplete Protein". An example of complete protein foods is
    meat and dairy products. Incomplete protein foods are things like vegetables and fruits.

    If your body contains too little protein, you may experience poor muscle tone, low energy levels, slow recovery
    from injuries and weakening of nails, hair and skin. On the other side, if your body contains too much protein
    you are putting too much stress on your kidneys as they have to process the nitrogen from the excess
    protein. So in order for you to get the best of both worlds and leave out the worst of both worlds, you must eat
    a protein balanced diet. This means you must balance between complete protein foods and incomplete protein
    foods to achieve the best results.


    Carbohydrates act as the primary fuel for the human body. They can be found in such foods as bread, pasta,
    potatoes, vegetables, fruits, candy and soda. After the digestive process has converted carbohydrates into a
    type of sugar, they are transported to the liver where they are converted to "glucose" which is blood sugar.
    Glucose is then used as energy for muscles and the brain. A diet low in carbohydrates will make you very
    tired from physical activities...
    Continued next month~


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    3. Weight Loss  & Exercise Tips

    10 Tips for Balancing a Sweet Tooth...(part 1 of 4)
    By Susan Woodward

    Aaah, sugar… sweet, comforting, energy-boosting sugar.

    We covet the stuff, consume it by the truckload, and store the excess as fat. Nutritionists constantly advise
    us to eat less of it, especially the highly refined additives in everything from soda to pasta sauce. But that
    doesn’t stop our hankerings.

    A little indulgence here and there is OK, most health experts agree, but the average American diet is
    brimming with sugar. How do we keep our intake in check, and how can we better handle an intense
    I-want-that-huge-piece-of-chocolate-cake craving when it strikes?

    Here are some top suggestions.

    1. Know your triggers

    Often it’s mood that provokes sugary desires. Stress and boredom are two common links. “You’re worried, so
    you resort to sweets for comfort, and you go for ‘feel-good’ foods like chocolate,” explains George Rapitis, a
    high-school nutrition counselor in Michigan. Increasing your awareness of what provokes your wanting is the
    first step towards control.

    2. Stabilize your blood sugars

    Glucose, the main sugar created by digestion, is an essential fuel source for your body and brain. Without a
    constant supply you feel sluggish. When sugar levels in the blood drop too sharply, people often feel
    desperate to restore them with the fast-acting sugars found in junk food. Eat breakfast and healthy protein
    and fiber snacks throughout the day to avoid this pitfall.....Continued next month~

    Susan Woodward is a native Australian who traded netball and surfing for Bikram yoga and snowboarding when she moved to the
    United States 10 years ago. As a journalist who specializes in health issues, Susan has written exclusively for MSN, WebMD and the
    Los Angeles Times.


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