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1. Note From the Editor 
2. Featured Article - Why Can't I Lose Weight? (Part 1)
3. Weight Loss & Exercise Tips
4. FAQs
5. Distributors Corner


1. Note From the Editor

There are a number of products and supplements on the market that promise weight-loss. |
Some have fantastic results, some unbelievable results, some work and some don't. Some
products work for one group of people and not the other. So what is the best way to lose
extra weight in the form of fat?

Fitness and subsequently fat-loss is a three-edged sword, weight training, aerobics and
nutrition. One is not more important than the other. One alone is not the answer.
Mary Kay

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2. Featured Article

Featured Article...Why Can't I Lose Weight? (Part 1)


First of 12 Secrets to Help You Get Off a Plateau:

You've done everything right and lost weight steadily following the Atkins Nutritional
Approach... But now the scale won't budge. Or perhaps your progress has slowed to a
crawl. What gives? You've reached a plateau — when weight loss slows or even comes to
a stop.  Or maybe you've faithfully followed the Induction phase, but can't get off home base.
Many of the reasons that people hit a plateau explain why others can't even begin to lose weight.

Before you get discouraged and lose your commitment to long-term weight loss, understand that plateaus
occur any slimming-down process. Stick with the program and your weight loss will kick in again. "You may
stay at one weight for a month, then suddenly drop three pounds," says Colette Heimowitz, M.S., director of
education and research at Atkins Health & Medical Information Services. But it is also important to ascertain
whether there is another reason.

First, says Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N., director of medical education at The Atkins Center, figure out if you
really are on a plateau. "The scale is the least reliable reflection of fat loss," she points out. "Look at other
markers. Are you feeling better? Do your clothes feel looser? If you're losing inches but not pounds, your fat
cells are still shrinking. Also, check whether you are in still in lipolysis/ketosis by using ketone strips. You're
only on a plateau if there's no change at all for more than four weeks."

Hitting at least one plateau is normal and to be expected. It's most likely to happen, and most difficult to break
through, if you've come to Atkins after years of yo-yo dieting. "We often find that a patient will plateau at the
same points he or she always used to reach on previous diets," says Eberstein. "These are the weights at
which you naturally start to resist weight loss."

For many people, even those resistant to weight loss, breaking through a plateau is often a matter of making
simple dietary changes. In other cases, an outside cause may be the culprit. You may need to modify your
lifestyle and consult with your health-care practitioner. Here are 12 items to consider:

Look for Hidden Carbs:
The first step is to examine your diet more closely. As Heimowitz explains, "Hidden carbohydrates are every-
where, and you can end up eating them without realizing it." Be especially careful when it comes to foods
marketed as low-fat. Manufacturers often make up for flavor in the missing fat by adding high-carb fillers and
sugar. Also avoid candies and cookies labeled sugar-free. The products may not have any cane sugar in
them, but they may still have at least 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Sugar, thickeners such as
cornstarch and fillers such as milk solids are found in all sorts of processed foods, including many canned
and dried soups, salad dressings, sauces, gravies and frozen vegetables in sauces.

Watch out for condiments, too. Barbecue sauce, ketchup, and sandwich spreads often have added sugar.
For example, there are nearly 3 grams of carbohydrates in a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce. When you're food
shopping, read labels carefully to find hidden carbs, and stay away from them. Remember that other seem-
ingly innocuous foods also contain carbs that should be included in your daily tally. For example, a table-
spoon of lemon juice includes a gram of carbs, as does a tablespoon of skim milk or balsamic vinegar.
And even a tiny sweet gherkin pickle packs a whole gram. While seemingly insignificant on their own,
these can add up fast.

To determine if you're being sandbagged by hidden carbs, Heimowitz suggests keeping a food diary for a
few weeks.  That way you can easily judge if your carb intake is higher than you realized.

(This article continues next month...see you next time)
An Article by Atkins Center writer Sheila Buff.


3. Weight Loss  & Exercise Tips


There's no such thing as fast weight loss

Who wants to lose weight slow? No one! Unfortunately, we can't have everything we want.

Looking for fast weight loss is like looking for fairies at the bottom of the garden.
It's a fantasy.

The facts
Your basic body chemistry is at least one million years old. It doesn't care about being slim - it's only
concern is survival. Even if you try to starve yourself slim, your body will simply slow down in order to
conserve energy.

Weight loss slows down.

The best approach
Be content to lose 2 pounds per week. According to most experts, this is the optimum rate of weight loss.
Too slow? Maybe. But at least you'll get slim.


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4. FAQ 


What can I drink and eat after giving blood instead of the usual OJ and cookies?

After donating blood, your fluid volume is reduced, which also decreases the volume of blood sugar available
and can make you lightheaded or dizzy. You will be offered something to drink to replace the fluid and raise
your blood sugar level. Instead of sugary fruit drinks, consume water or other non-carbohydrate beverages;
instead of a cookie, have a piece of cheese or a slice of turkey. If you are beyond Induction, you can have a
piece of fruit with nuts. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and bring with you some of your allowable foods and

Is it better to work out in the morning or the afternoon?

Some studies show that you burn more stored fat if you exercise in the morning rather than later in the day
because it increases the metabolic rate for several hours afterward—so you burn more calories from food eaten
during the day. But what may be more important is finding time to fit exercise into your schedule when you are
most likely to do it. What is important is establishing the habit

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5. Distributors Corner

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