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Members Online Ordering (Directly from 4Life - For Customers with an ID#) Your Customer ID# is required to use this system or you may use this 4Life ID #5053347 and Last 4 Digits of SSN #5965 and enter in the 4Life ID# box below. To obtain your own personal Customer ID# you must first enroll as a Customer or complete this enrollment form. Your ID# will then be emailed back to you. There are no enrollment fees or monthly qualifications to become a wholesale customer OR Distributor.

For the
"do-it-yourselfers",  You may call 1-888-454-3374 press #1 - and sign up under
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Your order will be processed by 4Life at wholesale plus *shipping and handling and taxes.  You can order what you want, when you want and products are shipped directly to your door. Be sure to provide YOUR address, YOUR credit, and YOUR billing information. So what are you waiting for?  All you have to loose is the Weight.