Continuation Weight Loss
(Stage 3)without colon cleanse - 44 pkts.




Continuation Weight Loss (Stage 3 plus) 100 capsules. 

Fibre System Plus - 5 day Colon Cleanse (Includes Tea) - 30 pkts, 10 phytolax & 5 tea bags.

*Lots of Fibre for 2 cleansing!



START + - A powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbal phytonutrients. 30 pkts

Phytolax - Colon cleansing formula ( 60 ct)


Fat Complexer - A fat absorption prevention formula ( 60 ct)


Body Wrap Combo - Loose inches and more! Shrinks fat cells.

A liquid formula containing minerals for energy, and plant nutrients that support the immune, nervous and Circultory Systems.

A liquid tonic formula that contains a variety of plant extracts and minerals, providing nutritional support for the Circulatory, Immune and Metabolic System.

Item 6011
ReZoom (32oz)



Citri Shape (90 ct/bottle)

Transfer Factor (90 ct)

 Slim & Trim/Quick Energy Straws
(60 ct)

(30 teabags)