Transfer Factor Plus™
Scientifically Advanced Immune System Support

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What is Transfer Factor Plus
™?  Transfer Factor Plus™ is scientifically advanced immune system support.*  It is a combination of ingredients that will give your immune system the tools to respond quickly and the knowledge to broaden its protective shield.*

Our bodies are constantly in battle to balance themselves on a cellular level. The cellular war is between Good Cells (normal body cells) and Bad Cells (pathogens that invade our bodies). Bad cells attack and destroy healthy Good Cells in the body. The immune 
system is the body’s War Machine to protect it from Bad Cells.

Transfer factors
are the intelligence and knowledge—the secrets to break the codes to destroy enemy cells.*  They communicate these secret codes and teach the Good Cells WHICH cells are Bad and HOW to attack them by revealing their weaknesses.*  Transfer factors are shown to be effective immune modulators.*  But the immune system must have sufficient Immune Cells (T-Cells, NK Cells, Macrophages, etc.) to carry out the instructions from the transfer factors.

New research has given us more information on other important components of the immune system. In recent years, scientists have begun to realize the importance of the thymus (located beneath the breastbone) and its job in programming immune system cells. Unfortunately, as we age, the thymus decreases in its ability to function properly. The thymus produces a complex array of thymic factors which together educate immature lymphocytes (white blood cells) into mature T-cells.

Two decades ago, a key thymic protein was discovered. “Laboratory studies have indicated that the protein helps activate the immune system in its roles in protecting the body from pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi [etc.].” (Health Supplement Retailer, March 1998) This protein programs the T-4 helper cells in the immune system, which in turn find an invading pathogen and tell T-8 killer cells to search and destroy. A patented process was developed to grow this specific protein for commercial use. 4Life™ Research holds the licensing rights to the patented process for this thymic protein. Another important component of our immunity is the innate immune system. It is our first line of defense in the war against invaders. This instinctive response requires no prior exposure to an infectious agent. The first and instinctive response is essential to the adaptive immune system because it dictates the response that will be needed for the future.

Key Formulations in Transfer Factor Plus

Transfer Factor XF™ This is 4Life™ ’s original proprietary extract of transfer factors. Derived from bovine colostrum, transfer factors are immune system molecules that contain the intelligence codes for immune recognition and balance.*  They literally transfer immunity across species from a competent host to a recipient.*

ThyRx™  ThyRx™ is 4Life™ ’s proprietary thymus complex which contains thymic factors. ThyRex™ contains a patented thymic protein as well as other important proprietary thymic factors which support T-cells.*  Uneducated lymphocytes receive their training from thymus factors to become mature T-Suppressor and T-Helper Cells and Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes.

Cordyvant™  Cordyvant™ is a proprietary combination of glyconutrients ( IP6, Cordyceps, Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms, Beta Glucans and Aloe) which support the innate immune system.*  In addition, glyconutrients activate white blood cells to produce antibodies without the help of T-cells.

4Life Transfer Factor & Transfer Factor Plus
Unprecedented Immune Boosting Ability
Tests from The Institute of Longevity Medicine by Darryl See, M.D.

Nutraceuticals Tested    Percent (%) Rise in NK Cell Activity Over Baseline


Transfer Factor Plus™ is 5 times more effective in creating NK cell activity than IP6 - which was the highest of the previously tested group of 196 Nutraceuticals.

Aloe Vera 15%
Bovine Colostrum 23%  
Cordyceps Formula 28%    
Shitake Mushroom 42%      
Echinacea 43%      
IP6 * 49%        
Transfer Factor 103%              
Transfer Factor Plus 248%                            

Some of these products reflect an average of different brands.

Baseline activity is the measure of the ability of human white blood cells to kill K562 leukemia (cancer) cells without supplementation.

Natural Killer Cells are the body’s first line of defense against cancers and viruses.

The increase in the ability of white blood cells to kill K562 cancer cells is directly related to the increase in Natural Killer Cell activity.

This study was conducted by The Institute of Longevity Medicine in California, and is recognized for its research and expertise 
in measuring the ability of ingredients to significantly boost the immune system.

* Until the testing on Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™, IP6 was the highest performing Nutraceutical at 
49% over the baseline.

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